Regardless of your political affiliation, one thing we can agree on is John King isn’t a man, he’s a damn machine. The CNN election analyst received widespread adulation for his "magic wall" during the 2020 presidential election, which kept viewers up-to-date to the very last detail about developments all over the country. CNN-Analyst John King: Der unermüdliche Mann an der Zauberwand . © Copyright 2021 Irish Studio LLC All rights reserved. King also showed his shock at several states initially running blue as the first ballots began being counted. Find someone who loves his job as much as John King. Dana is an anchorwoman and chief political correspondent for CNN. John King‘s new CNN show at 7pmET will launch sometime…soon, and he and CNN have found a creative way to make the announcement of when that will be and what it will be called – Twitter clues CNN also has the definitive brand in television news and an army of skilled journalists. However, the CNN anchor seems pumped about the extra sleep that's coming his way. The 2012 presidential campaign was the seventh presidential election that King has covered, and included moderating three He has nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram and over 324,000 on Twitter. Who is John King? 10. In a statement to Variety ahead of Election Day, Sam Feist, CNN's Washington Bureau chief, explained that the network wanted to make sure viewers understood where the vote is heading and why. John King is currently divorced. 70.3k Followers, 76 Following, 451 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from John King (@johnkingcnn) He uttered the words when breaking down the votes coming from both Ohio and Florida, key battleground states. CNN cold blooded. All rights reserved. Me at 12:16 AM watching John King breakdown the percentage of votes reported in Montgomery County Pennsylvania compared to the number of uncounted mail in ballots for the 20th time tonight, According to Vulture, at one point in the night King even likened the results to baseball for sports fans. promise. In his work for CNN and The Associated Press, King has reported from all 50 states and from more than 70 international locations. The image was posted alongside the caption "Níl soicind ag @JohnKingCNN" (John King doesn't have a second) and King responded to the tweet with a mock weather forecast. Plenty of eyes may have been on the polling numbers as votes started to be counted Tuesday night, but the eyes of plenty of social media users were also watching CNN's, John King. He cautioned viewers, "just be careful.". 06:03 AM - 04 Nov 2020. Changing my Sunday alarm to a little later now, but will be up in time to watch!" To say Twitter is having a field day would be an understatement. "I am certain it will. CNN is about to have John King work 72 hours straight with one 15 minute lunch break. Follow John King, USA on Facebook and Twitter. It’s iced coffee season! John King is an American news anchor, columnist, and media personality who is well known as the current CNN Chief National Correspondent based in Washington, D.C. King also got recognition for being the anchor of CNN roundtable political discussion program, "Inside Politics". John King is seriously good at his job. King has since appeared on the popular RTÉ Radio One Sunday show "Miriam" and told host Miriam O'Callaghan that he plans to visit Ireland as soon as it is possible. He is the former anchor of State of the Union, as well as John King, USA, which appeared weeknights at 7pm/ET on CNN before being canceled. Keep scrolling to see what people are saying about King and his magic wall. Throughout the evening, King was seen handling the network's "magic wall," an impressive touchscreen map of the presidential election results, and providing fast-talking updates on the race's status. John King, USA aired weekdays at 6pm ET. The good news is that CNN has extraordinary human capital (Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpour, Fareed Zakaria, John King’s soft and loving hands). John King Salary Acting as CNN's chief national correspondent, King wowed the Twitter crowd throughout Tuesday, and into the early hours of Wednesday, with his non-stop coverage of the election. After A LOT of bluster about fake CNN news, there finally is some. There is no question that when it comes to Europe, [the Irish] are going to get more attention - Ireland can feel very happy," King said of Biden's election victory. I feel privileged and grateful for the responsibility of explaining the results.". CNN anchors and reporters are on the ground in Oklahoma, reporting on the devastation caused by the deadly tornado Monday and the search and rescue efforts under way. Their first child Jonah Frank King born in June 2011. Join John each night as he pulls back the curtain on Washington, cuts through the partisan noise, and gets to the bottom of stories that affect you. It's unclear why, exactly, John is stepping back from Inside Politics on Sundays. The couple got separated and divorced in March 2012. CNN host caught joking about “Irish Lives Matter”, US soldier who is fluent in Irish subject of TG4 doc - VIDEO, Irish language glossary will teach you all COVID terms as Gaeilge. King, whose paternal grandfather was born in Doonloughan, County Galway, and King told O'Callaghan that his cousin Jackie Kenny has a pint waiting for him at Keogh's pub in Connemara. promise. 04:57 AM - … 7. aahna! Anchored by CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, 'Inside Politics' features the top political stories sourced by the best reporters. ", John King at 2am on CNN’s projection board describing 26 different scenarios for what happens in Pennsylvania, Throughout the night, King also cautioned on several occasions that viewers should not put too much faith in what the early results were showing. John King at the Magic Wall going through every county in the United States at warp speed: 1. @aahna_rathod. "An important message for our audience, and we will repeat it all night, is that just because it’s taking longer to project the winner in these elections doesn’t mean that anything is wrong," Feist said. A doctored video of the network's chief national correspondent John King getting caught with a Pornhub tab open is going viral. Post by: Birth Certificate, Birther, Dan Lothian, Donald Trump, John King, obama, Suzanne Malveaux Filed under: Anchors • CNN Newsroom • Suzanne Malveaux Follow @CNNNewsroom Twitter has been in a state of collective shock and awe this week while watching a calm and collected King tirelessly anchor CNN's election coverage via his magic electoral wall with little to no breaks — let alone sleep. There are 3,141 counties in the United States and apparently John King can name every one of them. Twitter is understandably in awe of the news network's chief national correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics (via CNN).As Twitter user @JamesMelville put it simply, "John King is seriously good at his job." CNN's John King and TG4's unexpected banter goes viral on Twitter John King also appeared on the popular Irish radio show "Miriam" to discuss the … Entertainment Tonight/TV Guide Network. Acting as CNN's chief national correspondent, King wowed the Twitter crowd throughout Tuesday, and into the early hours of Wednesday, with his non-stop coverage of the election. “Underachieving John King.” That’s the Twitter nickname President Donald Trump bestowed on the Dorchester son who’s become the czar of the CNN touchscreen election map. #USAElections2020 #ElectionNight@CNN, Dat boy John King been on his feet since 7p. Find someone who looks at you the way John King looks at the Magic Wall. King, who has strong Irish roots, responded to a PhotoShopped image on the TG4 Twitter account on Saturday evening that placed the CNN news anchor in front of an Irish language weather forecast for Leinster, Munster, Connacht, and Ulster. While many Americans spent the evening stress eating and doomscrolling, King seemed more than prepared to tackle the election, dubbed by many as the most important election in their lifetime. Catch the show every night 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT and 4pm PT. Unforgiving Twitter journalists lambasted CNN and John King after they reported that a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings had been arrested. Take part in the conversation with "Make your case, America" on iReport. Plenty of eyes may have been on the polling numbers as votes started to be counted Tuesday night, but the eyes of plenty of social media users were also watching CNN's, John King. His Ex Wife Is Also A CNN Correspondent. "It is an honor that people found the Magic Wall helpful. John King, meanwhile, is busy covering incoming 2020 election results for CNN at lightning speed. John King Dana Bash. John King re-tweeted Abby's post, also writing, "This is one new normal to celebrate. He went on to remind viewers that "we have votes to count.". Get that man a stool or one of them rolling office chairs. (ok, hope ....) CNN's John King has dominated his maps, and sports fans are impressed. @Sid_Seixeiro confirms, "Every four years I'm reminded that John King is one of the best broadcasters I've ever seen.". That silver lining is CNN reporter John King and his magic wall, and social media users on Twitter have been going absolutely bonkers over King and his coverage of the election. CNN's most famous and beloved election analyst John King delighted his Irish audience by engaging in some online banter with Irish language television channel TG4. However, they continue to co-parent their child. The viral clip shows CNN's marathon broadcaster and chief political correspondent John King talking about the tight contest current being counted up in the state of ... CNN/Twitter. King who was a Roman Catholic converted to Judaism, Bash’s religion before marrying her. CNN POLITICS ON FACEBOOK » | CNN POLITICS ON TWITTER ... Post by: CNN's Dan Lothian, CNN's John King, CNNMoney's Charles Riley, The CNN Wire Filed under: Economy • Finance • U.S. About This Blog. He was so in the groove that he even proclaimed on multiple occasions how much "fun" he was having, something that many Americans likely couldn’t relate to. John King, CNN’s master of election maps, has slept just 6.5 hours since Tuesday Television Twitter is both amazed by and concerned for CNN anchor John King, who has been on a … Sign up to IrishCentral's newsletter to stay up-to-date with everything Irish! - November 4, 2020 12:38 pm EST. Looking for the freshest news from CNN? By Allison Schonter But we've seen enough, and we're making the call: CNN's John King is the MVP. He warned viewers that "maps can be deceptive" before launching into a discussion about early- and mail-ballot results, with some of these results not expected to be reported until later this week. CNN's John King and Anderson Cooper, who are both visiting areas hit by the tornado, have been sharing powerful images of the catastrophic damage on Instagram. Even Twitter and sports fans—the two toughest and angriest crowds out there—have been thoroughly impressed with King. the polling numbers as votes started to be counted, the most important election in their lifetime, with some of these results not expected to be reported until later this week, Twitter Is Seriously Impressed With CNN Anchor John King's Nonstop Election Night Coverage, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth: What to Know About Their Relationship, Dwayne Johnson Gives Hilariously Spirited Response to Presidential Run Question, Taco Bell Opens Nashville Honky Tonk With Boozy Freezes, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Make Decision on Attending Prince Philip's Funeral. It's November 3, 2020. Copyright 2020 Join John each night as he pulls back the curtain on Washington, cuts through the partisan noise, and gets to the bottom of stories that affect you. A Boston native, King joined CNN in May 1997. During his Election night coverage, Twitter users picked up on King using the phrase "this is fun" multiple times. john king. Several key battleground states, including Pennsylvania, are not expected to finish counting mail-in battles until as late as Friday. Is This Military 'Pyramid' UFO Video the Best Evidence Yet? "The 10-day forecast includes sun. the 10-day forecast includes sun. At this time, a clear victor is not expected to be known until later this week. The final show aired June 29, 2012. John King can trace his ancestry to County Galway. He told O'Callaghan that he had been functioning on between two and three hours of sleep each night over the last two weeks but that he was flattered to see his coverage make an impact around the world. CNN's John King answers Twitter questions about coverage of Obama and reveals whether his name is real or fake. (ok, hope ....)" King wrote on Twitter, earning adoration from his growing Irish audience. … This blog – This Just In – will no longer be updated. Later in the evening, King admitted that the coverage was getting a "bit redundant," stating, "For people at home who have been watching all night long, this is getting a bit redundant." Discussing the counts in states like Pennsylvania, he said, "If this is a baseball game, this is the second or third inning. John King (born August 30, 1963) is an American news anchor. The couple separated in March 2012. Reply Retweet Favorite. Advert. His memory bank and mastery of the touchscreen is remarkable. No chair, no Gatorade, no arch support. Irish man Donie O'Sullivan and Irish American John King, both CNN reporters, are plotting to raise a pint together as soon as they can. Twitter is celebrating "John King" day. On May 25, 2008, King married fellow CNN anchor Dana Bash. However, they divorced. The cause of this divorce not known. King said that fellow Irish-American Joe Biden's election win will be good news for Ireland. John King is CNN’s chief national correspondent and an award-winning journalist whose career spans more than three decades. John King, USA on CNN is your daily destination for political news. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about John King. © Copyright 2021 Irish Studio LLC All rights reserved. I don’t know what John King makes a year but I’m pretty sure he’s underpaid. John King when they finally go to commercial Subscribe. The 2020 presidential election was the fourth cycle in which his work included use of CNN’s state-of-the-art election results board, the “Magic Wall,” which was introduced in 2008 and was an integral part of the network’s election coverage in 2012, which earned CNN an Emmy Award. At one point, he told Democrats to "take a picture" as he discussed the tallies being reported from battleground states such as Florida, Georgia, and Texas, which were blue at the beginning of the night. In preparation for the 2018 midterm elections, CNN partnered with creative agency Code and Theory to give the Magic Wall a facelift. TG4 then invited King to visit their studios if he ever decided to visit his ancestral home in Galway. King’s Election Night quickly became a social media talking point as the night wore on and weary voters grew even more impatient to learn the results, which likely will not be known for several more days.