This is particularly true in the context of the crowded second half to the fifth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. A woman has her memories erased and stored on a data crystal to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate. (The doorbell rings. But “A Simple Investigation” isn’t a bad episode, either, and while the core story is straightforward enough, the details filled in by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s main ensemble provide for an emotional depth that might otherwise have been lacking. DS9: A Simple Investigation Just watching this episode. COMPUTER: Eighteen twenty one hours. A Simple Investigation By Michelle Erica Green Posted at January 13, 2004 - 10:36 AM GMT. Odo begins a romance with a woman targeted for death by the Orion … Odo soon learns the truth - Arissa is trying to leave the crime syndicate she has been working for, and which has sent hit men to kill her and obtain a … Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, A Simple Investigation, Stardate: Unknown A woman has her memories erased and stored on a data crystal to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate. Each scene between Odo and Arissa is given the room it needs to breathe, and the actors do excellent work building an interesting relationship. A Simple Investigation Stardate: Unknown Original Airdate: 31 Mar, 1997 [Guest quarters] TAUVID: Computer, time. See Also: 'A Simple Investigation' Episode Guide. 5.17 A Simple Investigation Shortly after Odo meets Arissa, a woman visiting the station, she is caught breaking into the computers. Air Date: Mar 31, 1997 A page for describing Recap: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 05 E 17 A Simple Investigation. He takes a pen-like thing out of a satchel … There are so many great moments in it, starting with the two Orion Syndicate assassin's at the start, to a brief glimpse at another Julian Bashir adventure (complete with O'Brien as Falcon). A Simple Investigation is a quiet little episode.. But 'A Simple Investigation' takes its time getting there, in my opinion to its credit, actually. Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode transcripts. “A Simple Investigation” Written by Rene Echevarria Directed by John KretchmerSeason 5, Episode 17 Production episode 40510-515 Original air date: … Dey Young (born 28 July 1955; age 65) is an actress who appeared as Hannah Bates in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fifth season episode "The Masterpiece Society", Arissa in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fifth season episode "A Simple Investigation", and Keyla in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Two Days and Two Nights".