Throughout the years, we’ve seen more and more music healers choosing to tune in 528 Hz for awakening spirituality. He converted the music to scalar audio waves and used a CD player to broadcast it to the DNA. In partnership with acoustic researcher John Stuart Reid, Showell has also shown 528’s key role in the geometry of spirals similar to the structure of DNA (10). 1. In 2010, there was a disaster at an oil rig owned by BP called the Deepwater Horizon, causing it to leak millions of barrels worth of oil into the Gulf of Mexico (4). Nowadays, there are various different apps and sites that allow you to transpose your tracks to 528 Hz. And yet I still find myself betwixt 2 worlds, one left unsought and the other left with my plans unfurled….. 10 Tracks. The 6-sided clear clusters that support the DNA double helix vibrate at a specific resonant frequency – 528 Hz (8). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is no evidence that proves or supports the idea that the 528 Hz frequency is harmful to human beings or other living organisms. The 528 Hz frequency is the powerful sound of love and destroys human consciousness and brings more harmony and balance in life. Among our audios, you will find meditation music that will help and enhance your meditation practice. You'll find mention of Numerology, Nikolai Tesla, Atlantis, Theosophy, and … The researchers measured key biomarkers of stress via saliva. 10. It is spiritual renewal transmitting healing benefits. You can mi… 639 Hz (FA): Re-Connecting & Balancing Relationships It is present in everything from Chlorophyll to human DNA. However, form the therapeutic and research point of view, tone of frequency 528 Hz is vital. @user-896884801 lol. Tension-anxiety and Total Mood Disturbance scores were significantly reduced after exposure to 528 Hz music, while there was no significant difference following 440 Hz music (7). What about studies in humans? If you know a thing or two about sound therapy, then you definitely have heard of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. So, although there is no evidence that suggests that the 528Hz frequency is harmful, it is recommended that you tune into how any frequency makes you feel without expectation of good or bad. The bees that pollinate many of these plants buzz around at 528 Hz. With over 10 years of experience teaching others about inner peace and how to achieve it with ease, we hope to share that knowledge on Nature Sound Therapy for you to enjoy for yourself. It’s found in nature and oxygen, rainbows, grass and chlorophyll, sun rays as well as in the buzzing of bees. But this was in rats. And this, in turn, tunes the other strings so that they are in equal tempered tuning with the A string. If you attempt to decipher the reasoning behind all of this, you'll get lost in a ton of references and concepts that almost require a Ph.D in New Age philosophy. Of course, such an incredible story as John and Nancy Hutchinson’s experiment in the Gulf of Mexico is sure to attract skepticism. The “Solfeggio Wind Chime” for instance, is completely unique. No content on this site may be copied without written consent. D.D Hulse: Fork In The Road, An Inspiring Journey of How Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Are Empowering Personal and Planetary Transformation – Google Books It is said be linked to, and able to influence, our DNA. Veteran piano designer and tuner Daniel Koehler has created prototype pianos that use the A at 444 Hz tuning, in an effort to demonstrate its benefits. The oxygen then broadcasts “electrons of love” that alkalize and energize cells and tissues. However, it’s only been researched since the 20th century. In fact, it is known as the love frequency or miracle tone. Scientific studies show it increases UV light absorption in DNA. Rock music, on the other hand, had no such effect. However, no significant change was observed in any salivary biomarkers in the 440 Hz condition. The 528 frequency is an ancient frequency symbolic of health and longevity. Although plenty of atheists and science skeptics have denounced monotheism and believe they cause division between people and start wars, bridging the gap using solid science and musical mathematics holds great promise for world peace. Known as the “love” frequency and “miracle note”, it has a deep-rooted relationship with nature. Dr Candice Pert: candacepert. Frequency 528 Hz-the miracle tone. It heals DNA by removing impurities that cause sickness and disease. The Healing Benefits of the Original A-444 (528 Hz) Tuning. As mentioned earlier, the 528 Hz frequency has not been known to be harmful to people at any point in time. Its vibrations connect and resonate with everything within us and around us, on both a material and spiritual level. The 528 Hz frequency is the most significant of the Solfeggio Frequencies. So if you tune your violin and for example to 440 Hz, then you are tuning the A string so that when played, IT vibrates at a frequency of 440 oscillations per second. However, form the therapeutic and research point of view, tone of frequency 528 Hz is vital. F Hedayati Katouli – Pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih. 3. All of these Solfeggio frequencies are believed to be significant for healing, spirituality, emotional tranquilly and much. frequency 528 Hz (DNA repair frequency ?) com We now know that oxygen, for instance, carries these 528-resonating electrons. Utopian, perhaps, but you don’t have to dream quite so big – because 528 Hz can help you now. Researches claim its ability to the repair the DNA damages. com These were cortisol, chromogranin A, and Oxytocin. Below is a list of the reference sources those numbers correspond to. 35% off everything in store. Giving and receiving love or the 528 Hz frequency is the key to healing. Musical mathematics energizes negatively charged electrons that prompt miracles. Dr. Candace Pert (1946-2013) has been called “The Mother of Psychoneuroimmunology”, and “The Goddess of Neuroscience”. We have chosen specific types of music and sounds to match the specific solfeggio frequency listed. This is the simplest way to tune your guitar as A=444 Hz closely approximates C5 at 528 Hz. Since 528 resonates at the heart of everything, Dr. Horowitz reasons, it must be “pure tone LOVE”—the acoustic channel that links human hearts to the center of creation, that is God’s heart, empowering loving intention to be expressed most powerfully by faithful prayer; commonly observed to manifest miracles.” We have therefore developed special audios based on sound frequencies studies, including: binaural beats, isochronic tones, 432 Hz, 528 Hz and other Solfeggio frequencies. The 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency, the love frequency, is thought to resonate at the core of everything; connecting our heart, our spiritual nature, and the divine harmony. The Solfeggio Frequencies – 528 Hz CD features the 528 Hz tone intermixed with a meditation audio track – the background track varies depending on the solfeggio frequency to help achieve the best listening experience for the end-user. The Sacred Sounds Scale harmonizes the frequencies 424, 432, 440 and 528 Hz into a single Tuning having the 1/1 reference pitch on 256 Hz. The vibrations fill the room, thereby embracing the surrounding space, and this is followed by listening to one’s own heartbeat with a stethoscope bringing you into your own resonant sounding. 528 Hz is also known as the “Miracle” tone. 132 Followers. It also helps to create self-love and can end the problems of illness, hatred, jealousy in the world and it is recommended for good and sound/deep sleep. Ultimately, he considers it a good vibration for patients and believes that it is positively and powerfully the source of miracles. In fact, the legendary John Lennon may have paid the ultimate price in his attempts to spread the “love frequency”. The healing power of the 528 Hz frequency has been recognized since ancient times. 4. Stream Tracks and Playlists from 528 Hz on your desktop or mobile device. 432 Hz 528 Hz are both intrinsically linked to nature, as is all music. Everywhere we turn in nature, we find 528 Hz.Chlorophyll, which helps plants draw energy from light and gives them their green color, vibrates at 528 Hz.The bees that pollinate many of these plants buzz around at 528 Hz. An electromagnetic energy expert, John Hutchinson of Vancouver, along with his wife and research partner, Nancy Hutchinson, decided to do something to help. The Love frequency is the “Miracle Tone” note of the original Solfeggio musical scale. From all the frequencies in the world, the 528Hz frequency is the most special of all Solfeggio frequencies, so much so it’s commonly known as the 528 Hz miracle tone and is used by many as a form of sound healing and sound … However, before we get into that topic, here are some of the facts about the 528 Hz frequency. It is one of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies. Copyright © 2021. Grass is green with LOVE/528. Sound Healing at the Cellular Level: A presentation by acoustic-physics researcher, Dr. John Stuart Reid (PDF). It has become an accepted means of healing and calming, and the topic has had a lot of research done on it to reaffirm the capabilities that sound therapy can have. The ratio of low frequency to high frequency autonomic nervous system activity significantly decreased after exposure to both types of music, and the coefficient of variation of R-R intervals also significantly decreased, but only after exposure to 528 Hz music. com It is also said to help you flow in perfect rhythm and harmony. Can you imagine a world where people lived in greater harmony, not only with each other but with our planet and all of its plants and animals? The 528 Hz frequency relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI – ra gestorum”. Let this 8-hour long Miracle Tone harmonize your heart and spiritual essence. The Gregorian chants, which use the Solfeggio scale, caused the DNA to absorb significantly more light. Of course, people are skeptical of this experiment, and rightly so. The Scientific Research Behind 528 DNA Repair. gov It cleaned off the ocean during the BP spill in 2010, It was used by John Lennon in his song “Imagine”. That is why chlorophyll is the most powerful healing pigment in biology. In fact, the geometry of circles is not possible without 528 Hz, either, and neither is the capability to measure time and space. In 1978 Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist discovered the links between music, the cosmos and the natural world, comparing the frequencies of planetary orbits, in architectural works, in ancient and modern measuring systems, the human body, music and medicine. Yes, the air we breathe also contains 528. But that has no scientific basis at all. PowerThoughts Meditation Club proudly presents this 528 Hz solfeggio frequency music. It is often referred to as the “love” frequency and “miracle” tone. to God. Ultimately, it helps to create self-love and end problems of hatred, illness, and jealousy in the world and is recommended for good, sound, and deep sleep. The logic behind this is that ultimately only you can know how a certain frequency affects you. Discount is applied automatically. Frequency of 528 Hz also reduces total concentration of reactive oxidative species in brain tissue. Music And Chakras Are They Connected And How? A Profile of Mood State was also used as a subjective measure of stress, but obviously the physical biomarkers are the most scientific indication of stress. While the other ancient scale notes are certainly significant, Dr. Leonard Horowitz notes that 528 Hz is central to everything in the universe and the “musical, mathematical matrix of creation”. But the frequency’s significance in the natural world isn’t limited to this planet. Glen Rein, of the Quantum Biology Research Lab in New York, conducted an experiment where he exposed in-vitro DNA to different styles of music. an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers or natural forces and is ascribed to a divine or supernatural cause, esp. : NO MUSIC single tone. Healing Sound of OM @ 528 Hz – the powerful sound of Love restores human consciousness and brings more peace and balance in your life. Using this frequency has shown itself to have calming, centering, and energizing effects on the mind. Dr Leonard Horowitz: Drlenhorowitz .com Others have followed suit, tuning their music to this now popular frequency. If you set the Korg CA-40 to 444 Hz (instead of 440 Hz), then the tuner will guide you through tuning every string of the guitar. 528 Hz – The Love Frequency According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. Influence of 528 Hz Sound-Wave in Production of Testosterone in Rats: T Babayi Daylari, G H Riazi, Sh Pooyan, E Fathi, F Hedayati Katouli – Pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih. The most interesting aspect of this experiment is that the 440 Hz music, which is today's music tuning standard, had very little to no stress-reducing effect. 1, in 528 Hz. This study may lead to ascertain a possible therapy in which sounds may be utilized to reduce anxiety in individual (6). The 528 Hz frequency. 528 Hz is a special frequency that is found in many areas of the natural world. It is always a joy sharing our new content with all of you wonderful brothers and sisters. Deep Water Horizon: Nationalgeographic. In the 528 Hz condition, mean levels of cortisol significantly decreased, chromogranin A tended to decrease, and oxytocin significantly increased after music exposure. Indeed, math scientist Victor Showell and acoustic researcher John Stuart Reid demonstrated that 528 is actually found in the geometry of the spiral shape the double helix.. We can also look to the important research of Dr. Glen Rein. The Hutchinson’s method had reduced the amount of oil and grease from 7 parts per million to less than 1 part per million. This tuning scale comes from the Natural Ascending Series of Harmonics 32 to 64 of the 8 Hz Fundamental Tone and brings an end to the tuning dilemmas and consonance problems of the past centuries. gov This includes the air we breathe, the water we drink, the grass beneath our feet, and the sun’s rays on our face. According to Dr. Horowitz genetic signals of light and sound compel physical restoration through a programmed biofield. This begs the question: are we listening to the wrong scale? The 528 Hz frequency is a sensational tone that has been used since ancient civilizations to manifest miracles, bring blessings, and harness a healing property. 528 Hz is used in DNA repair, which brings with it increased energy, clarity and peace of mind and spirit, along with enhanced creativity. To change the frequency, drag the slider or press ← → (arrow keys).To adjust the frequency by 1 Hz, use the buttons or press Shift + ← and Shift + →.To adjust the frequency by 0.01 Hz, press Ctrl + ← and Ctrl + →;to adjust it by 0.001 Hz, press Ctrl + Shift + ← and Ctrl + Shift+ →To halve/double the frequency (go down/up one octave), click×½ and ×2. 528 Hz, or the "Love Frequency", resonates at the heart of everything. Stunningly, this is a frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair DNA and is ultimately the blueprint upon which life is based. The frequencies of the ancient Solfeggio scale bring with them a consciousness shift for the listener. In the book The Fork In The Road, biochemist Steve Chemiski stated. It’s vibrations lift your heart and divine forces with harmony and nature. And the rainbow that completes this picturesque scene has 528 Hz at its heart as well, as it refracts the same greenish-yellow light found in chlorophyll. 7. Miracle in the Gulf of Mexico: Heather Dodge – Opednews. Required fields are marked *. It also has mathematical significance and proven healing potential. So it begs the question: Could 528 Hz create positive effects in your life and the lives of those you love, from the tiniest building blocks of your biology to the highest levels of your consciousness? 528 Hz resonates inside you, opening your heart, mind, and consciousness to the depth and wisdom of the universe. All Rights Reserved. It is, however, believed to have a tremendous effect on the human body and is known as a naturally feel-good sound and contains the vibration needed for healing of the mind and body. And we can’t forget The Live H20 Concert for the Living Water, organized by Dr. Horowitz, which brought together thousands of people to play, sing, and chant in the “love frequency” in an effort to ease pollution in the world’s water supply. The answer is best determined by exploring yourself and not someone else’s experience or explanation. They placed a device that emits frequencies on the beach, about 25 feet from the water, and used 528 Hz and other Solfeggio frequencies to treat the water. Then there’s Amerie, a multiple Grammy Awards nominee, who produced her 2011 album, Cymatika, Vol. [17] It has been reported that frequency 528Hz activates DNA repair by refreshing ‘structured water’ within the genome. It also helps you to flow in perfect rhythm and harmony. This is why, frequency 528 is also known as ‘love and miracle tone.’ In fact, when recordings of the sun made by NASA scientists are compared to a tuning fork, we find 528 Hz there as well, at the heart of the star which is the center of our solar system (3). And the rainbow that completes this picturesque scene has 528 Hz at its heart as well, as it refracts the same greenish-yellow light found in chlorophyll.As Dr. Horowitz has stated:Yes, the air we breathe also contain… If genes can be switched on or off due to “sound simulations” it is within reason to think that DNA can be effected by sound, and if by sound, then also by the frequency of that sound. Frequencies like 528, 432 and 424 have been called “Universal”, “Cosmic”, “Sacred”, “Natural” and “Healing”; that's because, together with 440, they are all harmonics of the 8 Hz Fundamental Tone. Massage Music: Everything You Need To Know. Using Pythagorean math, which involves adding the digits of a multi-digit number together until a single digit is reached, 528 comes to 6. Many people believe that it helps to repair DNA. That said, this article isn’t about sound therapy or major advancements in non-intrusive medical technology but actually focuses on a specific component of sound, a frequency which is said to have the ability to literally transform your DNA: one of six Solfeggio tones, MI, which resonates at 528 Hz. Ultimately, it helps to create self-love and end problems of hatred, illness, and jealousy in the world and is recommended for good, sound, and deep sleep. You can read more on 528 Hz here. However, if a track has just one note, then you can definitely tune it to any frequency you prefer, but if the track is “music”, then it contains many different notes. The official statement by the Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. states”. This is a 1 hour looped sample of the 528Hz tone. Ultimately, what he’s saying is that nature models what receivers caregivers should be doing. The researchers concluded that 528 Hz music has an especially strong stress-reducing effect. You will need to recalibrate this tuner to A=444 Hz which will give you a C of 528. + Download 528 Hz DNA music here. When Dr. Joseph Puleo researched the Latin meanings of the ancient “Mi” tone, 528 Hz, he found it described as: an extraordinary occurrence that surpasses all known human powers or natural forces and is ascribed to a divine or... a superb or surpassing example of something; wonder, marvel 2. 528 Hz – the powerful sound of Love restores human consciousness & brings more harmony and balance in your life. But when he and his company, Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. (ACT), tested the samples, it removed all doubt. There are millions of people enjoying the mental and physical knock-on benefits of this frequency. 528 Hz’s effects have also earned it the name the “Love frequency”. Neural Coding of High-Frequency Tones: Ntrs.nasa. 8. This study took nine participants and had them listen to 528 Hz music and standard music on separate days. The miracle tone is a 528 Hz frequency that can help you rejuvenate cells, repair DNA, bring positive transformation, and restore energetic balance. In other words, the waters they treated had contained huge amounts of oil, and now they contained almost none. gov. Researches claim its ability to … To change the wave type from a sine wave (pure tone) to a square/triangle/sawtooth wave, click thebutton. © 2020. Healing Music 528Hz Solfeggio frequency + Alpha Binaural Beats. Everywhere we turn in nature, we find 528 Hz. Amongst sound/music therapists, vibrational medicine practitioners and meditation music producers, there is a prevalent contention on the most beneficial frequency for tuning the instruments used in their trade. The basic structure of organic chemistry, the Carbon-6 hexagonal ring, reflects the sacred geometry of 528Hz frequency. Music toned to this frequency is regarded as tone of love, compassion, healing and curing. Frequency of 528 Hz also reduces total concentration of reactive oxidative species in brain tissue. 528 Hz is one of the best Solfeggio frequencies which has a very relaxing effect on the mind and body and listening to music during bedtime can help people with sleep disorders by boosting sleep quality.. More and more music healers are choosing the tune with 528 Hz for awakening spirituality. To play a constant tone, click Play or press Space. Musician Scott Huckabay performs and records all of his music with A tuned to 444 Hz, which coincides with C at 528 Hz. The structure and color of chlorophyll best explains its function of generating oxygen, which is a natural cleansing and healing element central to water.