"I think it might be a bit dangerous to lick a knife too seductively. Thompson is using his moment as white-hot TV property to give something back. This is a collaborative blog! View more posts. He also had appearances in movies like Dunkirk, and in TV Shows like In the Club, Kiss me First and at the end of this year, Bridgerton! Change ). Latest Bridgerton's Luke Thompson News from top sources, including London Telegraph If you inspect the source code, you won't see resources from any other domains. Luke Thompson is 32 years old and his birthday is 4 July 1988. Shonda Rhimes, Bridgerton's legendary creator, who also made Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, operates from a distance. But there's one grand finale: "This is a time when we are doubting our ability to communicate and to be whole, as one. "Theatre badly needs everyone to be involved, no matter where they've come from. He harbours dreams of being an artist, but is unsure of his talent. Benedict Bridgerton cools his ardour thus, Darcy-like, in the 2001 novel An Offer from a Gentleman (each Bridgerton sibling gets a volume in American writer Julia Quinn's series, and these are blended in the television adaptation). Or is there a taboo on that, in case it upsets the dynamic of the show? Corresponding to his birthday, Luke of the Cancer zodiac. "What's the point of doing a museum piece? I feel life is getting pretty fractious out there. He has been lending a hand to the Theatre Artists Fund, set up by Sam Mendes and supported by the Arts Council and Netflix as well as countless private benefactors, which has given away £5.5 million in emergency £1,000 grants to UK freelance theatre practitioners during the pandemic. He has classic matinee-idol looks, with a touch of toothy pallor; he'd have made a good Edward Cullen, had Robert Pattinson not got there first. Similar actors include Hayden Christensen, Armie Hammer, and Sam Claflin. We will all be the poorer for it if they do. All genres have their own codes, but the codes of romance are more sneered at, perhaps, and that's silly. La serie ha debuttato il 25 dicembre 2020 su Netflix. Born on the 4th of July in 1988, Luke spends a period of his life living in Paris, France, because of his father’s work at the EuroDisney construction. En 2019, il est choisi par Netflix et Shondaland pour interpréter le rôle de Benedict Bridgerton dans l'adaptation des livres de Julia Quinn Not because I take myself seriously, and not because I'm being secretive. Colin spent the season pining over Marina Thompson, but fans of his book, "Romancing Mister Bridgerton," know that it's not meant to last. Can he lick a spoon? I am just really hoping I get to jump naked into a pond." Thompson met her for the first time at the Zoom premiere. By its nature as a job it's quite muddy. I don't want to say how many. He really has to fight. That made him 32 years of age as Bridgerton premiered in 2020. "I think chemistry is odder than that, it's a very strange job, you're bringing yourself, and you're not. ", Translated out of actorese, is he worried, in other words, that people won't believe in him as the second of seven siblings if they know how many brothers and sisters he really has? It's like the moment you're clapped, at the end, there's a yearning to communicate on both sides, but it has to remain unfulfilled, it's like The Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel - the fingers don't quite touch.". Know how to apply. For Regency romance fans, Bridgerton … "It's a great pleasure as an actor to feel people take you on," he says. Has he been teased by highbrow friends and colleagues? Fan accounts are now popping up for Luke Thompson from Brazil to Spain. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Benedict Bridgerton is 27 years old in the hit Netflix series. Like his sister Eloise, he longs for a life beyond the confines of the ton, and is an artist. Some viewers of the Netflix series have read Benedict as gay or bisexual, but Bridgerton itself never really portrays Luke Thompson's character as being definitively queer. We place a single cookie on your device to There's nothing else on his CV remotely like Bridgerton. He has played Edgar to Ian McKellen's King Lear in the West End, and a "meticulously accomplished" Laertes to Andrew Scott's Hamlet in 2018. He was a triumphant Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, also at the Globe. Do you know who’s the person playing our favourite painter and and gentlemen? Phoebe’s portrait made by Luke during the Bridgerton filming We can call Luke Thompson a Sheakesperean actor at heart. Most of his jobs were on stage, mainly at The Globe, with key roles in plays like King Lear, Julius Caesar, Oresteia and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (highly praised as Lysander). Instead, Thompson will be at home in London playing the piano, his lockdown distraction. Luke Thompson plays Benedict, the Bridgerton family's second son, who has sideburn issues: "Mine were lengthened with stuck-on ones about halfway through season one... maybe my own just weren't good enough. "I love that sense of a dialogue between the 19th and 21st centuries. Come detto più volte in precedenza, Luke Thompson, ha preso parte alla serie TV Bridgerton su Netflix. Somos uma fonte brasileira de informações no Instagram e Twitter, onde postamos memes, conteúdo dos Bridgertons, a adaptação para a Netflix e os demais livros da Julia Quinn. Benedict Bridgerton – Bridgerton Characters, Francesca Bridgerton – Bridgerton Characters. ( Log Out /  Bridgerton's Luke Thompson on the joy of sex, secrets and sideburns What could be more cheering than Bridgerton? But next time I might have to be a bit more calculating about when I'm present in the room," he says. Find out more, Cotton shirt, £225, LEJ (matchesfashion.com). Most of his jobs were on stage, mainly at The Globe, with key roles in plays like King Lear, Julius Caesar, Oresteia and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (highly praised as Lysander). "Perhaps there's an element of snobbery - and even misogyny - in how people perceive romance as a genre. In … Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton, the second Bridgerton son. EXCLUSIVE: Brit actor Luke Thompson, who plays Benedict Bridgerton in Netflix’s all-the-rage series Bridgerton, has signed with UK management firm Insight.Shondaland’s convention-busting Regency-era period drama was yesterday renewed for a second season by the streamer. I feel I'd be giving clumps of myself away to you if I told you. "The boys are … "I'm immensely proud of it." And sure, 2020 has forced a lot of people to reassess what they want. "It's like you become theirs. He won't reveal how many siblings he has. He has played Orestes in Oresteia at the Almeida, and his mouth has been filled with blood capsules as well as English Renaissance verse for John Ford's bloody revenge tragedy The Broken Heart at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Luke Thompson, who plays Benedict Bridgerton in the hit Netflix series, has signed with UK firm Insight. "Some say acting is a frivolous and ego-driven pursuit but no one will shake my belief that it's ultimately a really important job." Raindrops start to pit his tight orange hoodie. He and his on-screen brothers Bailey and Luke Newton (Colin) sang a cappella while waiting around on set. ", Fame doesn't frighten him. There’s almost nothing our Luke can’t do! Then he made this gear change into pastel-coloured romance. Linen trousers, £795, Dolce & Gabbana. Satin jacket, £1,225, wool-silk trousers, £945, both Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Fan page dedicated to the actor Luke Thompson most recently seen in Netflix's Bridgerton as Benedict Bridgerton But what of his love of cutlery? Biografia Luke Thompson è cresciuto vicino a Parigi, dato che il padre lavorava come ingegnere a Disneyland Paris.Tornato nel Regno Unito, Thompson ha studiato letteratura inglese e teatro all'Università di Bristol e recitazione alla Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, laureandosi nel 2013. "It's more that that information is pleasant for you, but it's literally who I am. He also has an interest in "sketching", which roughly translates as "looking for some bohemian action". The Netflix period drama is Luke’s 14th acting credit in front of the camera according to IMDB. "He might be capable of cruelty," he says mysteriously. Regé-Jean Page has his displayed in … "Look, if people are interested in me at all, that's wonderful - that's why you want to be an actor. We did some Elvis - Can't Help Falling in Love with You.". It features himself with Jonathan Bailey, his onscreen older brother Lord Anthony Bridgerton, chatting with each other on horseback. I'm so proud of this thing we've created, this soap bubble we've blown.". He has a lovely rapport on-screen with his Bridgerton sister Eloise, played by Claudia Jessie, and Jessica Brown Findlay was his onstage sister twice, first in Oresteia and then in Hamlet as Ophelia. You want to live in people's imaginations." Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton Luke Thompson ( Misbehavior ) plays Benedict Bridgerton, the family's somewhat lost second son. "We had a lot of fun. But because I take the exchange of acting seriously and I think it works best when it's at its cleanest and purest. This is a red rag to your interviewer, dear reader, so I launch into questioning him about his lovers - has he ever dated an actor playing his sibling? He also took part on a series of radio plays for BBC Radio 4 in 2018, The Judge’s House and The Vertical Ladder, where met his future Bridgerton co-worker, Kathryn Drysdale (Genevive Delacroix). He also appeared in 2017’s Dunkirk. Luke Thompson and I are promenading around Victoria Park in east London when his large pale green eyes turn skywards. Bridgerton is Gossip Girl in corsets, Georgette Heyer for the Netflix generation, and it has reached number one in 83 countries, after dropping on Christmas Day like a voluptuous box of chocs wrapped in taffeta. Otherwise it just becomes an echo chamber. Luke Thompson, who plays Benedict, is a talented artist, and he actually drew everyone portraits as a Season 1 wrap gift. "The fantasy of theatre allows for all sorts of things," he says. People want to know how much is true. Drama is like societal therapy. Lui, infatti, interpreta Benedict Bridgerton.Accanto a lui sul set troviamo molti altri attori, come per esempio Nicola Coughlan (Penelope), Jonathan Bailey (Anthony), Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne) e Regé Jean Page (Simon). Within the show, as a performer, you can be quite fast and natural and quicksilver in your reactions. In this article we’ll be talking about everything we know about him. It says something pretty rum about our culture that it is Luke Thompson's role in Bridgerton that has propelled this 32-year-old actor to fame, not his highly respected theatrical outings.