March 25, 2019 Meanwhile, Lucifer lends Dan a hand, and Linda reveals a painful part of her history. Meanwhile, Amenadiel cleans up the club, and Linda mothers a genius. 2. Though Amenadiel was not aware that angels could impregnate humans, now that he had, he wanted to be a part of Linda and his baby's life. Dr. Linda Martin: So you're the Devil? Lucifer Sadly, the boy is killed and very upset, Amenadiel gives him his necklace. Chloe: So our only evidence is currently in your lungs? Biographical Information Amenadiel and Linda don't get a free pass on this, though; they definitely handled it all wrong. Amenadiel refused to give it up, claiming he needed to process the whole ordeal. 1. 55m. Lucifer! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Besides that, he became more forgiving too, believing that anyone had the potential for redemption such as Goddess and Charlotte Richards; though he may have only helped her due to her being the person his mother inhabited during her stay on Earth. This is an overview of the regular, recurring, and other characters of the Fox and Netflix television series Lucifer. Alias He is the eldest archangel and former right-hand of God, while also being the older brother of Lucifer Morningstar. When his mother escapes Hell and finds her sons, Amenadiel and her concoct a plan to cut open the gates of Heaven and reunite with their family. In the comics, Amenadiel is Lucifer's strong but idiotic brother who continuously tries to kill him. Amenadiel (father)Linda Martin (mother)Adriana Nassar (maternal older half-sister)God (paternal grandfather)Goddess (paternal grandmother)Michael (paternal uncle)Lucifer Morningstar (paternal uncle)Uriel† (paternal uncle)Gabriel (paternal uncle)Castiel (paternal uncle)Raphael (paternal uncle)Azrael (paternal aunt)Remiel (paternal aunt)Mazikeen (surrogate aunt)Other Angels (paternal uncles/aunts) Lucifer once said that they always looked up to him. Next, Amenadiel goes after Lucifer's therapist to learn information and sleeps with Mazikeen (who convinces Lucifer she can kill Amenadiel and send him back to Heaven). Fury of God Brother (by his siblings)Firstborn (by Lucifer)God's Favorite SonDr. Lucifer season 5, part 1 begins with Ella visiting Linda, who is rather overbearing when it comes to Charlie, filling his days with advanced education for his age like Japanese lessons and yoga. Return Lucifer back to Hell (in Season 1; abandoned)Help Lucifer clear his name and return Malcolm to Hell (in Season 1; succeeded)Rejoin his family in Heaven with his mother by cutting open the gates with the Flaming Sword (in Season 2; abandoned)Regain his wings and angelic powers (in Season 3; succeeded)Save Charlie from Dromos and his army of demons (in Season 4; succeeded)Protect his son from the dangers of Earth and help Lucifer defeat Michael (in Season 5; currently) Gender They kiss and Linda’s the first to pull away. When Maze finds out, she forces them to stop, angering both Linda and Amenadiel. When Lucifer finds Cain and is trying to find ways to kill him, Amenadiel develops a secret relationship with Linda. While he first appeared as the secondary antagonist turned anti-hero in Season 1, he became one of the main protagonists in the subsequent seasons. In \"Manly Whatnots\" and \"Sweet Kicks\", Amenadiel persuades Mazikeen to help him return Lucifer to hell for his good.In \"Sympathy for the Goddess\", an ancient Sumerian text claims that the key for the Flaming Sword was given to God's favourite son. Origin Shortly after Charlie's birth, he was kidnapped by Dromos and the demons who were hoping to make hi… Type of Hero They should've been up-front about their relationship, and Linda did get involved with him knowing how Maze felt about it. Harris, for her part, thinks Linda is likely “thrilled” that Charlie is, as Amanadiel puts it … Seasons Superhuman strengthSuperhuman speedSuperhuman reflexesSuperhuman staminaInvulnerabilityHealingFlight via wingsTime SlowingImmortalityTravel to Heaven and HellCharismaVast knowledge of the Bible and human/celestial historyMastery in all forms of physical combat Report Save. I actually thought it was quite clear they're not together, just co-parenting Charlie. One day, Amenadiel meets a teenage boy, who he helps remove his ties from selling drugs unwillingly. Amenadiel is tasked with bringing him back to Hell but after losing his necklace, Lucifer helps him find it and in return is allowed to stay longer. Not only did the new parents have a falling out about where they were going to raise their child, but they also bickered over his name. Full Name NEW. Lucifer would end up killing his brother, making Amenadiel and his mother extremely upset. They compliment each other and the sparks are flying all over the place. 3. Woodside. Posted by 6 days ago. Report Save. Amenadiel makes up with Linda, Lucifer's therapist who now knows of the divine. Mini AmenadielA-mini-dielBaby Warrior AngelBabasquat (by Linda)Chucky (by Michael) H. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The life-changing parenting struggles Linda and Amenadiel face certainly provide a relatable experience for many viewers, and though his acknowledgement that he … Meme. Nephilim "Spoiler Alert" Chloe is still skittish around Lucifer, and ends up working with Amenadiel to investigate the murder of a nun at an Order. But after learning of Lucifer's plan to abandon her in Heaven, she goes to a pier filled with people and plans on exploding. Lucifer convinces her not to and puts her in another universe, along with Azrael's Blade. Learning that she was pregnant, Linda had the complete support of Amenadiel and Maze despite their lack of knowledge about babies or angel babies, for that matter. Powers/Skills Check out our review inside! However… Home When the baby is born, he and Linda name him Charlie. Amenadiel was last seen in Season 4's finale, when he and Rachael Harris' Linda Martin decided they would raise their son, Charlie, on Earth. At a beach, Amenadiel tries to convince Lucifer to return but he ends up burning the wings. Initially, he had also not intended to take the baby away from Linda, however, there comes a point in season 4 when Amenadiel loses all faith in humanity, he sees reason to Remiel's argument. Well, Satan, Beelzebub, Old Scratch. Chloe: [not amused]No. When Uriel realizes Amenadiel no longer has his powers, he attacks and beats him. Four, Five This is gonne be all of us. Amor DoomesTyson PickensRyla TaylorKruz Rambo Alive Status In the process, he is confronted by his brother who tells him to go home. Remember the talk between Linda and Amenadiel … Perhaps but that would mess a bit with the realisations of Amenadiel early the series. First appearance Lucifer: [amused]Aah, you really wanted to say "up in smoke" then, didn't you? 2. Date of Birth Relatives Or so Linda and Charlie’s dad Amenadiel thought. Do-Gooder Yes. Amenadiel also became fond of humanity, viewing them as equals rather than as inferior. Linda then convinces Amenadiel their child wouldn’t fit in with such an archaic name on Earth and concedes Charlie would be able to visit his celestial family in Heaven. Some of the other suggested names for Charlie were Zoriel, Zori, Ezekiel, Zek, Jack, Jackiel, Azmortiel, and Michael. During this time, Amenadiel loses his powers and wings due to the guilt he felt from manipulating others in his attempts to bring Lucifer back to Hell. Both Chloe and Ella Lopez are charmed by Amenadiel's presence. With Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B. By the end of Season 5, Episode 8, “Spoiler Alert,” Amenadiel learns that the half-angel Charlie may be a little more human than initially thought. He became more humble and accepting of Lucifer and even went as far as wanting to help him as much as he could as a brother. He even fell for one, Linda, and had a child with her. Enforcer of God (formerly)Lucifer's guardian Last appearance He was egocentric and full of himself, due to his position as God's favorite child. Part of the new series will follow Amenadiel (played by DB Woodside) and Dr Linda (Rachael Harris) as they raise their young son, Charlie, on Earth. Some five years later, Amenadiel comes back to request his return again. Ella and Dan's high ranking on this list isn't necessarily because they're a great couple, … Malcolm Graham †GoddessMarcus Pierce †DromosTahirMichael Demiurgos 3. Redeemed Fallen Angel, Brother (by his siblings)Firstborn (by Lucifer)God's Favorite SonDr. Working for God (formerly)Helping/protecting his Lucifer and his Earthly family Reply. Meanwhile, Amenadiel cleans up the club, and Linda mothers a genius. Los Angeles Occupation ¡Diablo! Michael is presumably a reference to archangel. But Dromos, a demon from Hell, takes the baby in the hopes of raising him to become the ruler of Hell, for only a celestial can take the throne. level 1. He was the spawn of God and Goddess, celestial entities who created Heaven, Hell and the mortal universe, most notably the Earth that is populated by the mortal humans. Mazikeen, better known by her nickname Maze, is an anti-heroic tritagonist in the TV series Lucifer, appearing as an anti-hero in Season 1, one of the tritagonists of Seasons 2 and 4, one of the two secondary antagonists (along with the Decoy of Sinnerman) of Season 3 and a major antagonist in Season 5. Throughout season 3, Amenadiel struggles to adapt to his new human life while undergoing a crisis of faith. No, I most definitely did not. Linda ( Rachael Harris ) and Mazikeen ( Lesley-Ann Brandt ) are on opposite sides of an issue. Amenadiel helps Chloe investigate a nun's untimely demise. With Amenadiel's help, he finds his wings, but after interrogating the thief on his own, learns that his brother was attempting to manipulate him into returning back to Hell. Linda suffered from fainting after she and Amenadiel broke up, with Maze forcing her to go see a doctor. Actually, I like that one in p… Later on, Uriel, Amenadiel's brother, comes to Earth to forcefully collect his mother and return her to Hell. Ella and Dan. Eventually, Lucifer takes a break from Hell and lands in Los Angeles. Amenadiel is very handsome and charismatic, perks he would use when doing God's work on Earth. 5 months ago. Directed by Eagle Egilsson. As the time passed, Amenadiel got to learn and know more about the humans and this resulted in a change of heart as he grew closer to humans, He bonds with Linda, who is traumatized by her near-death experience and seemingly doomed soul. Affiliations She tried to brush it off and helped Charlotte by duct taping her wound. Amenadiel would become God's favorite child and was a key player in stopping Lucifer's rebellion in Heaven. In the fourth series of Lucifer, Dr Linda (Rachael Harris) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) had a baby together. Not long into Lucifer Season 4, Amenadiel is one beaming dad-to-be, upon learning that Linda, a human, is pregnant with their child.