As an exchange student at Aarhus University, you come to follow courses and are expected to participate actively in class discussions along with group works and projects. The Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences is one of four faculties of Aarhus University in Denmark. Aarhus University follows the guidelines set by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science in the assessment of applications for Bachelor’s degree programmes with a Non-Danish entry examination. Ph.d.-portal Faculty of Arts. Bachelor … Join us at Aarhus University in Denmark - a top 100 university with 50+ Master's and Bachelor's degree programmes in English. 2021.03.13 | Department of Physics. Therefore, you must have a high level of English proficiency. Local staff information Staff portal - Faculty of Arts . Billederne er brugernes egne, delt med #Yourniversity og #AarhusUni. Find ud af, hvad det vil sige at være studerende på Aarhus Universitet: tag en virtuel tur på campus, oplev studiebyen og studielivet og hør de studerende fortælle om hverdagen på AU. A Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Aarhus University, the University of Southern Denmark or the University of Copenhagen. The school consists of seven departments: Economics and Business Economics, Management, Political Science, Law, Business Communication, Psychology and Behavioural Sciences and Department of Business Development and Technology. Learn about the application process and deadlines. What happens after you have submitted your application? Aarhus University offers more than 50 English taught Master's programmes across Arts, Business & Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences. Find the local staff portal for your department or division. Aarhus University in Denmark. Allgemeine Informationen: Die Universität Aarhus vereint 27 Departments an vier Fakultäten unter ihrem Dach. Education. Meet the Students. Technical Sciences. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Spørg mig bl.a. Faculty of Arts. EORI-nummer: DK-31119103 Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Tuition is free for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens. Discover what Aarhus University has to offer you EORI no: DK-31119103, © — Aarhus University is more than just a Top 100 university with research-based teaching and numerous programmes in English. The department carries out research and teaching within all of the important fields of psychology and contributes with research and knowledge exchange for society at large. Cookies at For students; For PhD's; For employees; Study portals Faculty of Arts. CVR no: 31119103 EORI no: DK-31119103 CVR no: 31119103 EAN no: 5798000418370. Before you decide where and what to study, you can learn more about Aarhus University's programmes, experience the university live and see what it's like for other international students at AU. Bachelor of Musical Arts (B.M.A.) Find den lokale medarbejderportal for dit institut eller område. Payment on commencement of studies (first semester) The tuition fees must be received by the university 15 June at the latest (summer admission to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes). On Sunday 14 March 2021 our Aarhus University student CubeSat Delphini-1 finally decayed into the deeper atmosphere and met it's honourable fiery end. Vil du tage en bacheloruddannelse på Aarhus Universitet? The deadline for payment of tuition fees is 1 December for winter admission to Master’s degree programmes. We have been achieving international excellence in research and education since 1928. Accessibility Statement, Admission requirements, rules and important dates. It is a community. Aarhus University. Men nu er jeg klar til det, og det er bare fedt. How to apply for a Bachelor's degree Here you will find the information you need in order to apply for admission to Aarhus University What is quota 1 and quota 2? Find out what it means to be a student at Aarhus University: take a virtual tour of the Aarhus campus, experience student life and listen to the students talk about everyday life at AU. Medicine, public health, odontology, biomedicine, forensic medicine, sport science, dental hygiene, nursing. Nordre Ringgade 1 It has a long tradition of partnerships with some of the world's best research institutions and university networks. An der Universität Aarhus lehren aktive Forscher, und der Unterricht findet in einem zwanglosen Rahmen statt. Bachelor i Kognitionsvidenskab, Aarhus Universitet, Aarhus, Denmark. Complete list of bachelor's degree programme offered at Aarhus BSS in Danish and English: Business Administration, BA soc. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Your gateway to universities in Europe. You must also be able to write academic papers and take written exams. Tilgængelighedserklæring, "Det er et kapitel i mit liv, jeg virkelig har ventet på, men ikke har været klar til endnu. Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) This conversion only pertains to qualifying entry examinations that can be assessed in both quota 1 and … Bachelor's Programme in Cognitive Science Bachelor's Programme in Economics and Business Administration, BSc Bachelor's Programme in Economics and Business Administration, BSc (Herning) Bachelor's Programme in Global Management and Manufacturing (GMM) (Herning) Video: Aarhus Universitet In general, admission to a Master’s degree programme requires successful completion of a relevant and recognised university degree equivalent to a Danish Bachelor’s degree in level and length (180 ECTS). ", Ansvarlig forskningspraksis og forskningsfrihed, Telefon, e-mail og adresser for alle ansatte. Privacy Policy The main campus is located in Aarhus. Aarhus University (AU) is a top ten university among universities founded within the past 100 years. Biology, physics and astronomy, chemistry, geology, mathematics, computer science, molecular biology and nanoscience. Profile; Employees; Contact; Vacancies; Collaborators. Aarhus BSS (School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University) offers a wide range of degree programmes within the fields of economics, business, engineering, political science and communication at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level. You can also work with financial management, accounting, sales, marketing and … The City of Herning . Tel: +45 8715 0000 Fax: +45 8715 0201, CVR no: 31119103 #69 Ranking. Aarhus BSS is a merger from 2007 and teaches programmes at Bachelor's, Master and PhD level along … Application deadlines. Få overblik over, hvad der sker, når du har sendt din ansøgning afsted – og hvordan du kan forberede dig, mens du venter i spænding på svaret. Another Bachelor of Science degree from Aarhus University with subject components in Mathematics equaling 60 ECTS credits, including at least of two of the courses in Algebra, Geometry and Measure and Integration theory (or equivalent), as well as an introductory course in … Aarhus University logo / Aarhus Universitets logo. Over ten percent of Aarhus’ student body is international, representing 100 different nationalities. Tlf: 8715 0000, CVR-nr: 31119103 Find ud af, om du skal søge i kvote 1 eller 2, hvordan du gør - og hvornår. Forschungsbasierende Lehre . Aarhus University. About us . Datalogi. Privatlivspolitik The photos belong to the users, shared with #AUinternational and #AarhusUni. Aarhus Universitet tilbyder et inspirerende uddannelses- og forskningsmiljø for 45.000 studerende og 11.500 medarbejdere, der sikrer resultater af høj international standard. BACHELOR AND MORE: Alle Infos zum Bachelor Mathematics - Economics - Aarhus University in Aarhus, Dänemark På #Yourniversity kan du følge studielivet på Aarhus Universitet – oplevet, fotograferet og filmet af de studerende selv. Natural Sciences. Tuition fees. Prøv studievejlederens værktøjer til at træffe et mere sikkert valg og mød studerende, der har stået i samme situation. (taught in Danish) Business Administration and Commercial Law (taught in Danish) Business Development Engineer (BDE) - in Herning (taught in Danish) Economics and Business Administration, BSc. The programme provides solid engineering qualifications and insight into the latest technology. Study at Aarhus University (AU) in Denmark: 65 Bachelors, Masters, PhDs. As an international student at Aarhus University, you will never be alone. Det er naturligt at blive ramt af tvivl, når du skal vælge uddannelse: skal du fx vælge ud fra interesse eller karrierehensyn? Aarhus University logo / Aarhus Universitets logo. Die Universität Aarhus bietet über 60 vollständige Studiengänge auf Bachelor- und Master-Ebene in Englisch an. Starting in 2011 all summer courses and summer schools offered by Aarhus University for Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students will be gathered together and expanded to provide more diversity in a new framework: AU Summer University. Aarhus University logo / Aarhus Universitets logo. Read more in the guidelines on the Bachelor’s degree programme study start at Health (PDF in Danish) ... Aarhus University Vennelyst Boulevard 4 8000 Aarhus C E-mail: Phone (AU's main number): +45 8715 0000. Bachelor of Engineering at Aarhus University (Herning) BSc in Engineering (3,5 years) Read about the programme: Bachelor of Engineering in Global Management and Manufacturing Apply for admission. Bachelor of Engineering The BEng programme takes three and a half years and includes an internship semester. Aarhus BSS tilbyder business og samfundsvidenskabelige uddannelser på bachelor- og kandidatniveau. Having completed your bachelor’s degree, you can also get a job in a multinational or international company working with imports/exports or internationalisation. For other students, tuition fees are set annually and can be found on the Aarhus University website. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Here you will find the information you need in order to apply for admission to Aarhus University. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Guidance and Study Counselling. The Ministry website contains guideline conversion tables for a number of selected countries. Bachelor … Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Bachelor of Musical Arts (B.M.A.) Cookies på Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Über 15.000 der insgesamt 56.000 Studierenden und Mitarbeiter sind an der Business and Social Science School (BSS) beschäftigt, zu der auch das Department of Political Science gehört. Her lægger vi informationer om uddannelsen. Nordre Ringgade 1 8000 Aarhus E-mail: Tel: +45 8715 0000 Fax: +45 8715 0201. 4.2 out of 5 (66 ratings / 41 reviews) Aarhus, Denmark. om hverdagen på universitetet, Heidi, Spansk og spanskamerikansk sprog, litteratur og kultur. Nordre Ringgade 1 BACHELOR AND MORE: Alle Infos zum Bachelor Digital Design - Aarhus University in Aarhus, Dänemark On aarhus_university a new international student take over our account each week to share their student life and experiences with life in Denmark. The Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences is part of Aarhus BSS, one of the five faculties at Aarhus University. You will learn to convert your theoretical knowledge into solutions. Darüber hinaus sind alle Ph.D.-Studiengänge in Englisch. 8000 Aarhus, Email: 8000 Aarhus, E-mail: A community of Danes and internationals. With a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration, you will be eligible for admission to a number of different master’s degree programmes. Danish. Få overblik over alle vores uddannelser, adgangskrav, optagelse og meget mere på Aarhus University logo / Aarhus … Få al den information, du skal bruge for at søge optagelse på Aarhus Universitet. Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) Find. 437 likes. EAN-numre:, © — Danish students will launch their own satellite next summer. Fra 2015 kan du studere Kognitionsvidenskab ved Aarhus Universitet. BACHELOR AND MORE: Alle Infos zum Bachelor Aesthetics and Culture - Aarhus University in Aarhus, Dänemark When will you receive a response and when do you start?

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