furniture." Any chance you could release the John Waite/Bad English demos from the 80's one of these days? INTERVIEW: John Waite. It really was done as a favor to show them that we tried it and that it didn’t work. I mean, I'm the kind of guy who would join the Merchant Marine. It was never work. absolutely determined that I wouldn't just cop out and be a rocker. "End of the Innocence"), Waite has further refined his renown, "tell it like it is" simple completing many of my questions and comments with dead-on accuracy. take me seriously making a country record. Jeb: Is that why you enjoy the solo career more? intensity - in the rock'n'roll limelight his entire adult life, as we sit chatting John:  We were able to compromise on the first album. Jeb: If you had just cherry picked the hits on the live album then it would not have had the same vibe. Certainly, this couldn't be a bad thing at all for a guy who once lived an admittedly "edgy" We went astray at the end. and out of everyday life) in poignant lyrical freeze frames. In Yet even California sounds iffy when he adds, "The music business is new album's final cut, "Masterpiece of Loneliness." When you’ve been on the road for three days straight, and you haven’t had any sleep, and you’re in the back of a van and somebody cracks a joke, and everyone starts laughing, then that is worth a million. ginger ale, Waite does give off an overarching vibe that he's come to terms with most of his past disappointments, Conversely, he says that he and his new He didn’t marry again until 1977. I didn’t want to add songs on to just pad the album; I liked it the way it was. We are not going to just go on the road to play medium sized clubs to get to radio to get a hit record. Not surprisingly, Waite had another smash with the duet as "Missing You" cracked the Top 40 on the country charts. Share. I have a very dry sense of humor. eloquence, especially when examining such modern life vulnerabilities as alienation, a search for deeper meaning in life, reckoning with all manner of You get lumped in as a ballad guy, and I think people can forget you are a rocker, too. “If You Ever Get Lonely” is also an emotional performance, but two ballads is enough for a live record. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with Isn't It Time and Every Time I Think Of You, and released five studio albums from 1976 to 1980. you!' Find out more about John Waite at summer evening, is also one not to take anything about himself too seriously. We did a headline show recently in Dayton, Ohio and we brought the house down. But, you know, there's still the roots, which were blues and country, but I tried to do it with a New York consciousness. I mean, it's so personal. major commercial hits like "Change," "When I See You Smile," and "Back On My Feet Again," that  What if it weren’t just a re-packaging of greatest hits, and was instead a sonic patois of who you were, and where you’d been your whole life, and how you see your entire career right now? Jeb:  Are you happier doing this then when you were playing stadiums? We just packed it full of people for two nights and recorded the show. And, it was a huge departure from what people John Waite: Busy, touring heavily. ?" admits, "I don't even know how to switch one on," and claims he still "can't really "...And these new days drag on  The last gig was on a big stage and it was the best gig we’ve done. Zen. Kelli kicks things up a notch, adding a hard rocking edge to the songs on the live album. playing!" John:  We had written all of the songs for the record and we thought we had a great record. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the top ten on the UK Singles Chart.He was also the lead vocalist for the successful rock bands The Babys and Bad English. cord - especially for many of us who don't have the wherewithal - not to mention the We really enjoy Well, my band's nice and young. when I wake up in the morning; I'm not sort of like ... with a hangover. people - just the bullshit of it, you know?" he has "always been very, very uncomfortable with very successful, nouveau rich But that one is John: I hear what you’re saying. And they're a great band, you know? with his ardent, long-standing core fan base earlier in the evening.) ‎William Garrett's ROOM TONE interview with legendary singer/songwriter John Waite. Kelli kicks things up a notch, adding a hard rocking edge to the songs on the live album. After two, or three, months, we were really playing well and the band started playing so well, and I was singing well, so I decided to record it. written several years back for the "When You Were Mine" album, but, as John And at some point I just saw myself clearly as some guy who was just on his way to being drunk, or It was a very personal song and it went right into that chorus and we wrote a bridge for it and Kyle put a guitar solo on it. So, I stopped.". I mean, you know, I have mutual respect with the band. If I don’t do that and this is the last album then I can say, “Okay, what a career.”  I am singing the best I have ever sung and the band is one of the best bands I have been with. 17 minutes interview with John Waite ( Filmed) Just click on the picture! It is what I intended to do. You start off making a record and it never comes out as you thought it would. abilities are really part and parcel of Waite's highly attuned sensibilities in general, not to mention his incisive and literate It is what we came there for; that is all I know. Live and learn. For a start, though he seems to shrug it off, he also notes "they don't era, still momentarily startles and blushes. I've enjoyed it enormously. I kept telling them that I was not singing that song. expected, and yet it was me a thousand percent. adamant about one thing: "I've no tolerance at all for being dominated by some corporate For example, as Waite himself recounts, "When I left Bad English, I was Each one-of-a-kind piece is drawn by John on an 8x190 canvas. What intrigues me is how it ratchets up when we are on a big stage. I wasn’t going to put on “Missing You” because it was expected. I delivered it and put it out and there are no gigs. But Waite, by turns deeply reflective and lightheartedly witty this late I used to play country songs in The Babys. "What does it say?" These are the best songs that we played and recorded. On one hand he says if he ever walks away from the music business, he "fully #JohnWaite News 2021; uses artfully placed seasonal references in his songs, too.) First off, his And you can't let it get you angry. I’ve made them a huge amount of money in my life and they never send me a royalty check, as they say I owe them money! I really paid some serious dues. mismatched bill with (what he calls) "full-on country and western, southern rock" bands Molly evident on the soulful ballads as well as on the wailing, bluesy rockers - has never been more stunning, as could be witnessed not only on the  January 1, 2019. John Waite personally hand drawn and autographed "selfie" art for sale while they last! Maybe it was an accidental phone call, or maybe she was out with the girls and had that extra glass of wine and decided to look him up. "Temple  Bar" and the roots flavored, storytelling "When You Were Mine," basically frozen All of that cowboy imagery really comes out. John Waite. Still, when I truthfully blurt out that But these were the songs I picked, because they were working. It's how scorching, full-on blues/rock number on the current album), but you can also infer its impact on his Now that's really a good one. I travel with a book at the moment. For a start, though he still elegantly looks the part, Waite's attitude since at least the late '80s has It ignites the fucking world and it is the whole reason why we do what we do and why we love it. Jeb:   But you have to be the boss as it’s your name on the line. It actually sounded like a Cat Stevens song or something. geographically. suburb - so open, unpretentious, and seemingly ... familiar ... is Waite, that the repartee is effortless. Really, it was my instinct to record this band as soon as I possibly could even though I didn’t know what I was going to do with it at the time. On that level, it is one of the best albums I have done. There are a couple of classic rocker type songs like “Head First” on there, and the songs from Rough & Tumble are really rocking. And I'm looking for something John Waite is one of those singers. There were a lot of people who didn’t have the money to buy a concert ticket, but they would come see us for free in the bookstore and get to shake hands and get something signed. actuality, he still thinks of himself as an underground artist ("I never really went mainstream") and he confesses that March 25, 2018 Mark Diggins. probably just like to set off right to the South Seas and have a look! John Waite, The TVD Interview. musicians who have chemistry onstage as well as an au currant energy and visual appeal), he I mean, I absolutely do not fit into that city! How are things going these days? Shelly Harris Hmmm. choice in it! I threatened That was something to write! We did put “In Dreams” and “If You Ever Get Lonely” on there. I always wanted to stir the waters up. He also knew, instinctively, that he had to record his current band, as they are one of the strongest ensembles he has ever performed with. You learn the thing until you can do it in your sleep and then you bring yourself to it. the ultimate destination. John:  I always play with people I like and I think that really helps. I don’t know what the fuck they were thinking. Dillman, was recently made head of the company, "it's kind of like Christmas!". Then as a solo artist, John hit… of those times have been just as much fun - it truly has! releases. Jeb: At the same time a professional musician had to be paid. over the years, has also been known to draw caricatures of himself when signing autographs) still might be the same guy in It gives you a sense of value when you live in this society ..."  And this time around, I had the same keyboard player, and he got it right! Moreover, despite his oft-austere press photos, there's a certain vitality to him that is even On the last day of recording, I was getting out of bed and I was getting a cup of coffee and lighting a cigarette—a Marlboro Light, it was—and I sat down in my dressing gown and I wrote “Back on My Feet Again.”  I wrote the lyric out and I sang over the top of this other song with a completely different melody and a whole new set of words on it. He’s one of the artists I’ve always wanted to see but have rarely been in the right continent at the right time. In a nutshell, with that aura of perpetual innocence and sprite-like If nine tenths of the record is really hardcore rock, then you have to have something to balance it. Part of that philosophy is the age old (but too often forgotten) axiom They had cut this song that wasn’t that good and now we had this. We didn’t have an official rehearsal, we just hung out for two hours and played and then shook hands. two-fer type CD compilations by one of his former record companies. often terminally perceived as major female "heartthrob" material since his Babys base of his record label) long enough to buy a 2000 square foot "loft" type abode, have all his "stuff" Ditch what you think of “best of” albums right now. I'm English. If we are not going to tour, I am going to take a bit of time off and just disappear and then come back and do a new record. It took about four, or five, gigs for him to really find his feet, because that is a lot to give a guitar player. The album really rocks. Pinterest. It doesn’t really stray from that theme—it is all about a phone call. to do something you don't want to do. I got what he was saying about the chorus, though. or whatever ... or you will get run over. Music is free. I don’t want to do that with a band this good; I just want to play the bigger gigs. There were thousands of people there and this band did great on that big stage. courage - whatever the consequences - is something Waite has never been short on. Twitter. I mean I News. I was doing Rockline the other day and they played “Forget Me Not” and it really brought it back to me how strong of a band that was. And, with "Figure in a Landscape" (a guitar-driven, lyrically and Waite is singing like a man possessed on this sucker as well, with his unique voice still sounding as sharp as ever. too ... it's too ... it's too me." Google+. It seems that the attention span of a new generation just isn’t as long as it used to be. entity - none whatsoever." John: Unless we sell tons of downloads, then we will never recoup the money it took to make the record, so it all comes back to touring. All rights Everything's in focus now, so it's a lot more fun. You can’t download vinyl and I would like to see it all go back to vinyl. Part two can be read here. I don’t think I have been pushed into anything. but in the back of your mind, you'll always be writing songs or writing words down. Jeb: “If You Ever Get Lonely” is getting some crossover success with a country artist called Love and Theft. you do get the distinct feeling that even John Waite can't predict what he'll do next himself, either artistically or work" the tape recorder that tour manager Jeff Van Duyn recently bought him for songwriting, either.) The singing is good; I know I sang pretty well on this one. "supergroup" Bad English just as it was creating major commercial waves). Jeb:  Live All Access is a cool live release, as you did it digitally only. And the people You were in two bands with John Waite – The Babys and Bad English. no other way to go. There was this guy called Roger who worked in the A&R department and he was saying, “This is a great song and you need to cut it.”  I kept saying ‘no’. It is really a great experience. This song is not for you--- He was 85. John: Oh no, no, no. Lord Jim?" my career, and I'm just thrilled to be working, you know? From "Thinking About You," from John Waite's just released solo album, "Figure in a Landscape." Jeb: The track listing is surprising as some of the huge hits are not on this release. Everyone in the band was so fucking good at what they did that we made it into a hit. I bought several kegs of beer. The album was meant to motivate a tour. The next day I came in and put the “Hey babe, I’m back on my feet again. This is a whole different style for him to play. I just wanted to get this out to people as I wanted them to hear it. You are meant to play these songs and it is meant to be the world language. I tend to scribble down notes, lyrics or just random thoughts on pieces of paper, backs of cigarette packs, sometimes on my shirt cuff. It’s a big deal to people. And that clean living flatters him in other respects, too. I was not going to sing those lyrics, as they were a piece of shit. People are people, and they're all wonderful things. to fight the audience! you get him going on his current attitude towards the mega-corporation/big-label music business That justifies the uneasy gut feeling I had when I bought one of I kept telling him ‘no’. So, when I was down on my luck, But it also becomes obvious that such Amazing Kreskin-like conversational Waite is singing like a man possessed on this sucker as well, with his unique voice still sounding as sharp as ever. Jeb: Would you ever do a pure country album? Interview by Tommy Sablan with #johnwaite. I made an album called When You Were Mine in 1996 that has strong acoustic values, and tells stories, and it was completely different to what I had done before. affect you. I am responsible for what I have done. "It only took ten minutes to write that one!" I'm smashed and Flintstones are on TV This band is just as good on a medium stage as it is on a giant stage. When you have bad gig, or something, and you get in the van to go back to the hotel and you feel bad, then someone will make a dry line to try to be funny. whether concerning his personal life (often laid bare in his lyrics) or his career. This is a recent niece interview with John Waite! We really like to play a lot of gigs. it - I never had a million dollars. Waite affirms. With a career as long as mine, I just don’t care to go back that far and depend on yesterday over what is happening today and tomorrow. that ..."  John Waite may be best known for soft rock classics “Missing You” as a solo artist and “When I See You Smile” with super group Bad English, but going back to when he was just a Baby, Waite has another side to him. I just really don't like the sunshine all the time; I like the seasons and stuff." John Waite, without question, has one of the most iconic voices in rock. Bar like [Bob Dylan's] Blonde On Blonde, but the John Waite Blonde on Blonde. If you go for a cup of coffee in Nashville you get recognized now, whereas before, people would just nod to you. I didn’t know if I was going to do this as an official release, or if I was going to use it as bonus tracks, or whatever. It has put the record companies on their back foot, which is kind of cool. It’s been the higher voice in my life and it’s never let me down." And at some point I was separate, and they're all different." sent from NY, and finally aquatint himself with modern gadgets like a computer. It was really emotional. John Waite was born in Lancaster, England and began playing a Tommy Steel ukulele , which turned out to be a Disney one ! When I came back to America, I started work almost immediately on Rough & Tumble. We would love to have them all on a CD, two... or three? John Waite USA Fans has 1,336 members. You have to solve a lot of things as you make records. And many would say that the rare and commendable risk-taking that he lets And that mindset, in particular, is often subtly or overtly  It is part of the deal. with a hangover ... And who could fall in love with that? Jeb:  I will be honest I thought this would be much different. John:  I spent a lot of time in Nashville and I was living with someone there and I had a life. try to play with musicians who are fiery. What is the story behind the song “Back on My Feet Again”? If I didn’t record again, and this was the last record that I ever made, I would be really proud of it. there ... but I much prefer New York, or Seattle, or something that's more like a city, and LA's so spread out. By Jennifer Carney | Published: July 14, 2014. There was a recession, too. kind of experience these days: "I don't even drink! I had said that before, but it really hit me at that time that I needed to start writing some new songs. reserved. John: It is what it is. more evident offstage. these days: "I've been run over a few times, but you just can't let the world come at you without dodging or moving or ducking, that's real in my life--something true--yeah! So, I moved back to my I think that is where my storytelling comes from; it is an extension of those influences. (Gasp! acceptance, redemption, closure, and renewed hope ("Always Be Your Man," "Touch," "New York City Girl," We had a headline gig by the river in Detroit with about four thousand people and he came out swinging. John Charles Waite (born 4 July 1952) is an English musician. There was something dark about it like it wasn’t meant to win. July 10 new interview with John Waite by KIKI FM May 5th 2020. In our interview with John Waite, he explained that the song was about a phone call. You might go and get a job parking cars or whatever, John… he's spent the last three years either "living out of a suitcase" or in "a rented house with rented  After all, whatever its benefits, that artistic angst should only have to go so Congo ... and don't forget that China Sea out there... Absolutely!" head swiveling and ultra-contemporary mid-tempo rock tune off his latest, recently released solo album, Growing up in Lancaster, England, John went to art school there and a secession of bands led him to his first big time break with The Babys, a band that hovered at the edge of stardom. I got to meet all of the really hardcore bluegrass people. We kind of owed the A&R guys a favor. The John Waite Interview (2013) 0. We started going back and forth with different lyrics and the whole thing happened in about five minutes.     Well, Waite as the perpetual, curious wanderer isn't exactly a shocking There is a song called “Restless Heart” that they would not do, so it had to be on a solo album. Entrevista con John Waite por el periodista Lucas H Gordon. God bless No, this is not exactly the same hotheaded (but already charismatic) You have to deal with politics, as well as technical and financial aspects that come along as you are making the record. INTERVIEW: JOHN WAITE. John Waite: The new album is called Live All Access and it's taken from two different shows. Certainly, that song, above all the other effervescent and atmospheric When we walk out there, the four of us, we know what our job is, but we are looking forward to it like a very thirsty person looks at a glass of lemonade. The highway…you get to visit Jack Kerouac’s grave and you get to go visit the great recording studios and you get to see America from the ground up. was dealing with, you know? choice!'" And Heart of Darkness, too ...  A few years back, John Waite revisited a former No. It's a very Zen thing, isn't it? he's looking great - looking healthy, and still ... well ... youthful, Mr. John Waite, for better or worse Well, yes! festival. He was opening for Tom Petty, but during the day he was playing Starbucks to sell some CDs. Like I said, the new band has played a couple of massive places in the last month and it was like it is where it should be, as we’ve done all the legwork doing the tour with Rough & Tumble. 2138. A blistering performance of: Whole Lotta Love with Tommy Shaw on Guitars!! far ...  By Shawn Perry. I want to hear it in time and in tune, but after that it is like Zen. at the age of four. Well, if you’re AC/DC and you’re making the album Powerage, then that isn’t the case, and that turned out great. I saw a friend of mine playing guitar in Starbucks. Here I am…”  Everyone was really speechless. John: There was a song floating around Nashville called “If You Ever Get Lonely” and my manager kept telling me that it was a great song. "I've been the long way around," he reckons, "but I feel very justified in There is a real reward in just putting it out there and you just hope people get it. It's got snow and stuff, doesn't it ...?" Exactly ... (but make that a bit of Chardonnay if it's me). I wasn't like somebody who had a million dollars and lost We always knew where we were going. We are not trying to sell you an expensive T-shirt or a very expensive beer—there is none of that shit. "Disillusioned?! John: It is a complete thing. A KGB Exclusive Backstage Interview With John Waite! Jeb: The fact that you had huge success with ballads instead of great rockers…has that ever frustrated you? I was thrilled beyond words, to say the least, to have the opportunity to interview … It's fantastic stuff! It’s not all new stuff, however, as we take a trip back in time and discuss why “When I See You Smile” was not the right song for Bad English and how rewriting a tune brought the hit “Back on My Feet Again” to The Babys. It is a little strange, really. Interview with John Waite. This is what we are now and it is where we are now. 'round. - and going, 'How the Hell did I get here?!' I am very pleased. You have a lot to take into consideration. and he enthuses that since one of his "dearest friends in the world," Rob  Jeb:  You still have a lot to give as an artist. In the interview that follows, John discusses how he has mutual respect for his band mates and how he still loves life on the road. I would hope that sometime in the next five years I would arrive somewhere that I would not have expected to arrive. pretty truthful. To have a hit like that and to go on tour like that and to do what we did…if someone is not easy to get along with, or if someone is not having a good time, then it really reflects on what is going on. he wants to know, as I crack it open and scan the message. In fact, beyond the immediate and optimistic future with this new album, Well, yes! Jeb:  Rough & Tumble was a harder rocking album for you. point, honestly, where - and I wouldn't mind being - Well, I was married for a long time, and I'm divorced now, right? As a solo artist, he has released ten studio albums and is best known for the 1984 hit single "Missing You", which reached No. I would like to go back and review that and do something like that next, but I don’t think you will ever hear me singing with banjos. Exactly! Me, disillusioned?" We are just trying to play music. When that big chorus happens in the middle, there is irony there, as the guy is trying to stay tough. But for me it is more of an organic exchange, and it is kind of exciting, and it is more of an adventure. melodically powerful, must-have chunk of soul food in the vein of Henley's I along with the rest of the world, followed John Waite throughout the years, and reveled at each new turn his career took. nature, he adds, "Honestly, even with the early Babys, I never wanted to make a billion dollars and give it away to the waiter. That is the story of “Back on My Feet Again.”  The record company still didn’t like it! John: This was not one of those things where a record company was involved, as I was calling the shots. And I can remember what I did Moreover, somewhere in between bites of sweet and sour shrimp and sips of But, seeing a great segue to talk about his new band (all first-rate I got the Rolling Stones album Hyde Park Live last week. John: I sang with Alison Krauss on a couple of her albums and I would love to do it, but one of the reasons I did All Access Live is because everyone has gone country, so the only honorable thing for me to do was to make a rock record. But then you might expect that So, fine for me, really. loose in his songwriting also extends to his career perseverance and resilience, especially in light of the more real - I don't want to say poetry - but it's a real sense of using the language without having to @johnwaiteisgreat Interview with John Waite by ! In the 1970s John Waite was the front man for British rockers, The Babys. It’s a good thing that a voice like that of John Waite emerged in the 70s instead of in today’s manufactured industry. It is really expensive to stay out on the road. been ultra anti-rockstar (in fact, his artistic integrity and aversion to "arena rock" led to the demise of  Yeah, I did! Rock n’ roll is closest thing I’ve got to a spiritual power. There have always been a lot of great songwriters there, but now it has become to be big business, which makes it less charming to me than it once was.

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